48 Hours in Portland

One of my favorite things about myself is my ability to bring people together. I have always been able to easily make friends, but after college I started helping my many small groups of friends get together more. With the craziness of adulting getting to us, between wedding planning job searches, moving in with boyfriends, buying houses and just generally surviving, we decided to plan our first Girls Trip.

I am not going to lie. I originally only wanted to go to Portland for the donuts. I had heard about the amazing donuts from The Holy Donut and just knew that my life wouldn’t be complete until I had a delicious potato made donut fresh from the source. (Note: I bought a box of six for myself and never looked back.) Waking up at 6 am after a solid night of partying was tough. The 4 mile walk to the donut shop was tough. Waiting in line while dying of dehydration was tough. The fresh squeezed orange juice and fluffy, flavorful potato donuts were worth every minute.

After some research I discovered that Portland was the place of my dreams. It’s a funky, foodie, little port town full of history, delicious food, and adventures around every corner.

We rented a Chevy Tahoe which we lovingly named “Big Mama” and drove the 3 hours from Boston to Portland. Technically we drove directly to the Shipyard Brewery because where else would you go at 11 am on Girls Weekend?

After a trip to the bathroom (3 hours is a long time when you can drive across your state in 45 minutes) we each saddled up to the bar and ordered a flight of beers for tasting. It was the perfect beginning to the weekend. We sat and slowly enjoyed our beers and each other. We planned some places we wanted to go, checked with local friends the plans for the evening and got more and more excited for our time away together.

From the brewery we headed to find some lunch. We originally wanted to stop at Duckfat but with a 2 hour wait to get in the door as soon as it opened we decided to take our starving selves elsewhere.

 We wandered just around the corner to Sonny’s where we had the most amazing lunch. Think old school diner meets Mexican fiesta. My Huevos Rancheros were amazing especially with a spicy margarita. I was super jealous of my girlfriend Rachel’s bacon tacos. Literally, thick slabs of bacon topped with all you could want in a taco. We ate and laughed from the cozy corner spot with comfy throw pillows on old wooden benches in what felt like a bank that once helped in the prohibition. And it was perfect.

From lunch we headed to our AirBnB just outside of downtown Portland in a quite and historic little neighborhood. We absolutely loved our hostess, Bayta,  and the beautiful house she loaned us for the weekend. Big enough for all six of us, we were amazed at the history in the house. We changed out of our travel clothes and decided to explore some little places while we made our way to our dinner reservations at Zapoteca.

The margaritas were delicious and everything was so fresh. Our reservations was at 9 and they had run out of a lot on the menus before we arrive but there were no bad choices on that menu. Since our reservation was so late, we had tried to stop at Little Tap House but all we could manage was a glass of wine at the bar since they were so incredibly busy. From dinner we went to Bonfire Country Bar where we took shots as soon as we walked in to fit in with the crowd. It was pretty crowded but the music was fun and the drinks were cheap (and no one denied us when we asked for 6 lemon drops!) but we only stayed an hour because we had saved the best place for last.

From bonfire we headed to Bubba’s. Upon arrival at Bubba’s you might think, “What the hell?” quite a few time to yourself but if you just make your way on to the dance floor and let the best of the 80’s and 90’s carry you away, you’ll feel much better. I, personally, had the time of my life even if I found the decor a little murder movie-esque.

The next day we were ready to explore town and do some drinking. We stopped into a few little pubs with amazing decks. One of my favorites, which we literally stumbled upon, was the Thirsty Pig. We went in for the live music playing through the open front windows. The beer selection was amazing and the back patio overlooking Portland would have been amazing if it had been just a little warmer.

Our trip ended with a stop at L.L. Bean of course and some shopping for our people back home. Our stomachs hurt from laughing and we were glad for the fact that vacation calories don’t count.


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