Hiking in Amalfi

In a totally unprepared way we took the most beautiful hike in Amalfi. After wandering up to the paper museum (Amalfi is apparently known for its Amalfi paper) we took an unexpected turn and ended up walking up through the most breathtaking landscape. The Valle Delle Ferriere turned out to be the most unexpected and wonderful part of our day in Amalfi. We walked past lemon groves, farmers with pack mules, farms, ruins, and waterfalls all in a couple of hours. 

It was so peaceful and quiet that we didn’t even mind the miles we trekked up and up the side of the mountain and through the woods. 

The ruins appeared out of no where and continued for most of the hike. We went in to some but most were dark and a bit too mysterious for our taste so we explored by the water instead. 

Eventually we stopped at the most adorable and delicious little restaurant on the side of the mountain overlooking the lemon groves and small farms. We had the freshest sandwiches made with mozzarella, salty salami and fresh crisp greens from the garden. The only two drink choices were wine or lemonade so we opted for the lemonade on this hike and found it fresh and tart! This turned out to be one of my favorite places in Italy and it goes to show that sometimes the unplanned and unexpected moments take you to the most memorable places.


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