The Cutest Bachelorette Hangover Kits

When she said, “Yes” we knew the next question was, “Nashville?” Of course, our weekend will include lots of champagne among other delicious cocktails at the many amazing bars in the Music City so we needed to be prepared. 

With the help of Etsy I found these adorable canvas bags printed with the perfect mantra for a drunken girls weekend. The geniuses at Becollective even made our letters pink to go with our weekend theme. I found all of the necessities for the morning after a good time and fit them perfectly into each bag. I included Band-Aids, Excedrin, gum, mints, hair ties, Vitamin C and (my favorite find) individually wrapped saltines!

These fit perfectly in the medium sized bag and are a true necessity for any good hangover sufferer. I hope this helps you survive your next bachelorette hangover in the cutest way possible!


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