Spread S’more Love

This past weekend in Nashville, while out exploring, we spied the cutest food truck we could not just walk past. 
Parked on the side of the road just across from the outdoor space at the ever crowded Bartaco is Eric Floyd and his s’more truck. 

Eric came up with the idea for his mobile bakery after buying the trailer and a good brainstorming session with his wife. Now, Eric makes his homemade graham crackers and marshmallows after following some advice from his mama. From the original “Happy Camper” with heart shaped graham crackers to the “S’moreo” you cannot go wrong with a gooey, sweet treat from the menu. 

We are all so glad to have stumbled upon this gem! Thank you Eric for the treats and hospitality. You certainly added s’more love to our stay in Nashville. Follow Eric and the crew at Smorelovebakery on Instagram and catch them the next time you need some nostalgia.


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