Yes, The Bluebird is Worth it. 

Tucked in the middle of a strip mall in the side of a busy highway, is the incredibly popular Bluebird Cafe. Before the popular tv show Nashville decided to use their location as the bar where stars get their beginning in the show, perhaps it was more possible to secure a ticket in a normal fashion. However, now tickets sell out after about 3 minutes of being available and though first come first serve seating is available, the first ones come around 3 pm. 

Friday night, we headed to the Bluebird for their songwriter showcase and photography exhibit. Tickets sold out on the previous Monday morning in exactly 3 minutes after they went on sale. Tickets are available at 8 am (exactly) the Monday morning before the show for a Friday night show. If you can’t get tickets in the online virtual line, you can wait outside for the bar and church pew seating but seating is very limited. So I think that it is this over popularized view that most take on the Bluebird which brings them to wonder why anyone would bother.

Let me tell you the wait is worth it. I had goosebumps listening to the songs played for us this evening and more than one brought tears to my eyes. Some were songs I’ve even heard on the radio, but not like this. These gentlemen have written songs for superstars like Blake Shelton, Granger Smith, Patty Loveless, Chris Stapleton and Garth Brooks but there is nothing that compares to hearing them share their own emotions and stories through each song they play.

In such a small venue, you can’t help but feel every chord and chorus in the deepest part of your soul. So in response to the question, “Is it really worth going to The Bluebird?” Let me confirm with all my heart, yes, The Bluebird Cafe is worth it. 


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