Peonies, Please!

Like all good things peony season comes to end as quickly as it begins. So when I found out about a local farm that specializes in peonies and is only open during peak season, I made plans to go right away.

Electric Moon Peony Farm is located in Little Compton, Rhode Island and offers a large variety of herbacious and intersectional peony plants to buy either by the stem or order root stock for the following season.

We fell in love with the “Bartzella” for its soft yellow color and huge blooms. The “Hillary” is another intersectional which offers a bright pink bloom and then slowly fades to a watercolor-like petal offering shades of pink and white. We ordered some of each and are praying our green thumbs will hold up long enough to get some blooms out of these babies next summer.

We couldn’t go home without something so we decided on some “Americana”, “Hillary”, and “Coral Crush” ranging in price from $4 to $6 per stem.

This was their last day this season for sales, but be on the look out for them next year during peony season on Instagram at Electric Moon Peony Farm.


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