Palm Springs Bucket List

So I am heading to Palm Springs with my mom for a little girl’s trip. My mom and I are very close, but don’t see each other often, so we decided to head to California for a little girl time in the desert. I know we plan to spend most of our time in the pool just catching up on life, but there are certainly some must-do items I would love to check off my bucket list in Palm Springs!

  1. Float on a super trendy pool float
  2. Get brunch at Norma’s
  3. Hike in Joshua Tree
  4. Beat the heat at Happy Hour
  5. Visit #thatpinkdoor
  6. Go vintage shopping
  7. Get an amazing milkshake at Great Shakes
  8. Catch a sunset in the desert
  9. Go to Villagefest on Thursday night
  10. Visit El Jefe for tacos and tequila

Anything else I should add to my bucket list be sure to let me know! I will update with pictures as I check things off here and on Instagram!

Xx Brittany

Promised I would update so here is the finished product:

I did get to go vintage shopping at Iconic Atomic where I found some great 60’s Lilly dresses and spent Thursday night at Villagefest where I bought a handmade collar for my pup, Maggie. Pretty successful bucket list trip if you ask me!


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