Palm Springs Hidden Gem 

So if you’ve read my post on Savannah you know how much a I love a good speakeasy. I know they are not the same as they were during Prohibition but it’s still fun to find a hidden gem in a fun city by talking to the locals. That’s just what happened when we stopped by Tonga Hut in Palm Springs, California. 

Tonga Hut is a tiki themed bar serving up $5 Mai Tais and Polynesian bar snacks for Happy Hour. 

When we were chatting with the host we discovered that besides the dining room and super fun bar (complete with comfy couches and childhood games to play) there is also a “speakeasy”. 

Just past the dining room through a sliding door with a pay phone, you’ll find an adorable balcony room overlooking Palm Canyon Drive. 

According to some locals it’s “Palm Springs worst kept secret” but that doesn’t make it any less fun!


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